FAQ: Questions & Answers

Q: How do I re-register in the forums with the number you gave me?

A: If you are already registered in either forum, you will need to log out of the forums in order to re-register. Click the logout button then click again on "register." Register with your anonymous number as your username and a different email address than you are using now. Any secondary email will be fine, as we will not use that email to contact you. We will use your email that you have on your shoppe account to contact you, so make sure THAT email is valid.

Q: Does the 75% need to be current site product, or can we use older product from the designers featured at these sites?

A: It can be any product that was once sold or is currently sold at either A5D or SPD by any of the permanent designers. You may not use product from guests or from designers that are no longer in the shoppe. The other 25% may come from any other source, including yourself.

Q: May we use kits from the Guest Designers Kits? Also charity kits such as Artemia?

A: Only products from current, permanent designers of either store may be used. Products from guests, collab kits, and charity kits cannot count toward the 75%.

Q: In general, how do you feel about items on the layouts that are made by the contestant? (For example, word art, or using papers we've created.) I'm thinking mostly of the bonus round, where 100% of the items on the layout should be from the kit.

A: Layouts for the bonus round MUST be 100% from the week's kit. Nothing else, not even anything you made yourself.

Q: Is it possible to quit in the middle of the contest in case work gets in the way?

A: Yes, you may quit at any time. However, you must complete all 6 weeks to be eligible for any prizes.

Q: Those of us that can't participate in the contest can still play along and post for fun, right?

A: Of course you may! We encourage you to do so! However, the galleries for the contest will be for registered contestants only. You may post your layouts in any other gallery.

Q: Can we post more than one layout for each week's challenge?

A: You may submit ONLY ONE layout for each themed week's entry. However, you may submit as many as you like for the bonus round. Each layout you submit for the bonus round will be an extra chance to win the week's random draw.

Q: What about Easter? I want to join, but I'm away for Easter holiday.

A: You must complete each week to be eligible. Each week's theme will be up ahead of time and you will have a week to complete the entry. You may need to work ahead a bit to compensate for any time you will be away.

Q: Styles are just as much of a dead giveaway. I'm not worried about people figuring out which number I am. My style is just so odd, that it's silly for me to try to hide behind one. Any ideas about this?

A:Unfortunately, this cannot be avoided. However, not all the judges may recognize you. The anonymous number system is the best we could come up with. You should be true to yourself and your style!

Q: In order to receive the 50% discount on the kit of the week, do we log in to the store and use our 'normal' user/password or do we use out 'secret number'?

A: You should use your normal login. You do not have to re-register in the shoppe with your number. Re-registration is only necessary in the forums.

Q: Which gallery do we need to post our entry layouts to? A5D or SPD?

A: The entries will be posted in the galleries of the site hosting the current week's theme. The schedule is as follows:

Week 1: After Five Designs
Week 2: Shabby Pickle Designs
Week 3: After Five Designs
Week 4: Shabby Pickle Designs
Week 5: After Five Designs
Week 6: Shabby Pickle Designs

Q: If you have my name and number on file and are also judging, doesn't that defeat the purpose of the anonymous number system?

A: The only person with access to your number and name is our tech help person, and he will not be a judge during any week.

Q: Can we journal on our bonus entries? Is that counted against the 100% rule?

A: You absolutely may journal! After all, that's what scrapping is about. Feel free to use your favorite fonts for your journaling.

Q: Can we post our layouts on our blog or in other galleries?

A: Please do not post your layout anywhere else until the contest is over. That could give away your identity.

Q: Can we use no photo if we choose?

A: Photos are not required, as long as the theme requirements are met.

Q: Can we use the same layout in the bonus round as we used in the themed entry?

A: You may not use the same layout for both entries. Please create a separate layout for the bonus round.

Q: Is the 50% discount good only on release day?

A: The discount is valid for the duration of the contest for ALL of the weekly kits.

Q: Can we use stock photos?

A: Although we encourage using your own photos, we allow you to use stock photos if you wish. You may want to do this for anonymous purposes.

Q: Are scraplifts allowed?

A: Scraplifts are not allowed. We want to see your original work!

Q: Can I do my journaling in my own language?

A: Yes! Please use your own language to journal, as long as you provide an English translation in the description.


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