Week 6: It's a Bird, It's a Plane!

First, Laura and I would just like to say...
Thanks to everyone that has played along the last 6 weeks! We have had a blast! We are blown away with not only the amazing layouts in the galleries, but the hearts that shined through them. We saw a lot of raw moments and they were inspiring and touching. So thank you for sharing your memories with us and baring your souls! We all know that scrapping is about honoring our memories and the people we love, and every one of you excelled at that. We hope you are all very proud of yourselves!!

The contest of the year continues with our final week! Camila Designs and Martencja Designs from After 5 Designs have joined As You Wish Designs and Julie Bullock of Shabby Pickle Designs have joined to create this week's kit. While anyone is welcome to purchase this kit, all registered contestants will automatically receive it at a 50% discount. Use this kit to create or supplement your entry for week 5 (not required).

The kit will be 20% off to all non-contestants during the week 4 contest period. To receive the discount, be sure to use coupon code ITSABIRDIE6.

The theme this week is 'It's a Bird, It's a Plane'...

“Let the focus of this week be on an object or thing, not a person. Scrap nature, or a book, your child's toy... be original, think outside the box. Wow us with your amazing creativity!”

You can pick up the new (oh so beautiful) kit here in the shoppe. (Note that you do not have to have the kit to do your themed layout, but you will need it for the bonus rounds. You can see the official rules here. Do not log into the store with your registration number. Just log in as usual and you will get the discount on the kit.)

This kit is not required for your themed entry, though it has been designed to coordinate with the theme, so you may want to consider using it (especially at 50% off!) It is, however, required for the optional bonus round.


*Remember: We encourage you to use your own photos in your entries. Each week's theme has been carefully chosen so that the photo you use can be generic. You may wish to choose photos that will not reveal your identity (i.e. photos of you or your children that the judges may recognize). However, that being said, scrapping is first and foremost about your memories, so use any photo that calls to you.*

*We have an advanced and beginner level for entries. If you wish to enter the beginner level, post your layout for week 6 here. You must enter the same level each week. The prizes for the beginner level will not be as big as the prizes listed, but they will be similar. If you are just starting out, are not on a lot of CTs, you may wish to enter this category.

*Advanced entries should be posted here. If you have been scrapping for a year or more, or are on one or more CTs, you will probably want to enter this level to compete for the top prizes.

Remember to login with your anonymous number in the forums before posting (forum logins are tied with gallery logins)!!

You may begin posting your layouts Monday, April 27. Entries may be posted through Friday, May 1, 11:59pm CST. The galleries will then be closed. Remember that if you do not enter each week, you will be disqualified.

Bonus layouts can be anything you wish. There is no level categories for bonus entries. Bonus layouts must be 100% with the week's themed kit. Layouts that do not use 100% of the kit will be deleted. You may enter as many layouts in the bonus round as you wish. Each layout gives you a chance for the random-draw prize. Bonus layouts may be uploaded here.

Schedule for Week 6:
Kit Available Monday 4-27
Contestants Upload to Gallery: Mon 4-27 - Fri 5-1
Judging: Sat 5-2 through Thursday 5-7
Public Vote: Fri 5-8


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